1868 Established Kimura Shouhei Shouten and started producing spindles
1919 Changed name to Awa Tsumu Seisakusho
1927 Expanded factory to reach nationwide market
1943 Established Shikoku Macninery Industries and Seiji Kimura acceded to CEO
1954 Changed organaization as Kimura Industry Co.,LTD. with 195,000Yen
Manufactured spindles and farm equipment
1960 Bearing Division organized at Koyo Seiko’s request and became cooperative factory
1967 Completion of New Sezume Factory (total floor area 2,250㎡)
1968 Completion of New Main Factory (total floor area 1,700㎡)
1969 Minister of International Trade and Industry gave citation to our company as an export contributive company
1971 Completion of New Koseikaikan (total floor area 400㎡)
1972 Completion of New reinforced concrete Main Factory (total floor area 1,100㎡)
1973 Appointed Hwa Sung Trading Co. as a service station in Korea
1974 Increased capital stock to 48million Yen
1975 Engaged Kugelfischer Georg Schafer & Co.(FAG) as a service station in Japan and Korea
1978 Established Awa Asia Company in Hong Kong
1979 Satoru Kimura acceded to CEO
1980 Completion of New Main Office
1981 Opened Hokuriku Service Station in Fukui city
1985 Innovated technology from STI CO.,LTD and set up the Diamondplus Division
1988 Completion of New Factory
1991 Extension of Sezume Factory
1992 Completion of New Hokuriku Service Station
1993 Extension of Main Kosei Kaikan
Completion of New Precision Machinery factory (total floor area 2,000㎡)
Extension of Sezume factory
Extension of Management Office
1994 Started contract manufacturing of false-twisting machine to Nanhua Precision Machine Co.,Ltd.of Shenzhen,China
1999 Established Packaging Division

Established Spintex Osaka Office

2003 Masahiko Kimura acceded to CEO
2004 Established Service Station in Indonesia
Obtained ISO9001
2005 Received “Small-Medium business Research Center Award”
” Development of Ceramic Air Nozzle”
Satoru Kimura CEO was awarded a prize of The Order of the Rising Sun,Gold and Silver Rays
“Work with the promotion of small-medium business” and “Work with the development of textile industry”
2006 Certified one of the most active 300 companies in Japan
Obtained ISO14001
2008 Started new challenge upon the historic occasion of our foundation for 140years, set out the second start of business

Obtained OHSMS18001

2012 Received Japan Quality Encouraging Prize (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)
2014 Received Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry Chairman’s Award