We will make positive efforts with the following three management systems as the rules of manufacturing, and as a member of society, we will make continuous improvements with great responsibility.

Acquirement of Certification

ISO9001 (Quality Management system)

In 2004, we acquired ISO9001 certification (quality management system).
In order to meet the needs of customers not only in Japan but also around the world, we have unified our in-house quality standards to international standard quality and provide our customers with safe and secure products.

ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)

We acquired ISO14001 certification (Environmental Management System) in 2006, and are promoting waste reduction and recycling in order to promote environmental activities, energy conservation, and effective use of resources.
Furthermore, with the theme of developing and selling environmentally friendly products, we sell products that reduce the environmental burden and reduce CO2.

ISO45001 (Labor Safety and Sanitation Management System)

We acquired OHSAS18001 certification (Labor Safety and Sanitation Management System) in 2009, and after migrating from OHSAS18001 to ISO 45001, we acquired ISO 45001 certification in 2020.
We not only continuously improve the safety and health environment of our employees, but also strive to improve the safety and health of the region.

Efforts of Quality Environment improvement

We aim to improve quality through quality environment improvement patrols and QC circle activities.

Quality Environment improvement patrol

QC circle activities

Employee Training

Under the guidance of the ISO Project Committee, we have ISO basic knowledge employee training and quality consultation meetings.

Employee education and training

Measuring Apparatus Calibration training

Efforts of Environment

Installation of demand monitoring device

Taking part in forestation in Mongolia