We will make proposals that can meet the needs of our customers and make custom-made products.

We provide great cost advantage with the know-how of rotary shaft processing that has been studied through spindle manufacturing.
We have a track record of achieving both cost reduction and quality improvement of 30% for machine tool parts. We have a wide network of cooperating factories from material procurement to heat treatment and surface treatment. If you leave it to us, we will carry out integrated production of parts processing, which used to take time and effort to communicate with multiple business partners.

We have many achievements not only in shaft processing but also in square processing and sheet metal parts. We will sincerely consider all processing details.
It doesn’t matter what the request method is, such as drawings, actual products, usage and size.
We will flexibly respond to requests for materials such as resin and rubber, as well as surface treatment requests, for increasing strength and resistance to rust.