Our company has a history of more than 150 years since its establishment. Utilizing the core technology cultivated through spindle manufacturing, we have been expanding into new fields such as spindles for textile machines, small precision machined parts and spindles for machine tools.

In recent years, through a tie-up with an equipment manufacturer, we have been selling inspection equipment suitable for mass production sites that automatically detects the presence or absence of scratches and burrs on the inner wall of the work by irradiating the inner wall of the work with a red semiconductor laser using our motor spindle.


  • Inspection costs can be reduced by automating the inspection process.
  • You can prevent the outflow of defective products.
  • Improves traceability.
  • It is possible to eliminate variations in inspection quality.




  • It is non-destructive, non-contact, and can inspect areas that cannot be visually inspected.
  • By setting the defect judgment criteria, it is possible to automate the judgment of OK or NG.




Valve body, master cylinder, cylinder block, sleeve, mission case, inverter case, converter case, housing, piston, etc.




Inner diameter surface, screw holes, etc.




Burrows, scratches, burrs, chips, chips, cutting marks, chattering, peeling, dents, unprocessed, etc.




Aluminum, stainless steel, iron, copper, titanium, ceramic, resin, plastic, etc.


If you give us the sample work you want to detect defects, sample testing can be done free of charge. We will verify whether the defect can be detected by ANALYZER by sample test, and submit the result in a report. Please feel free to contact us.


Development in the future

In the past, we only inspected for defects in hole scratches, but now we also sell inspection and measurement equipment that can measure inner diameter and roundness at the same time. We have also developed a “sphere inspection device” that automatically inspects scratches on the outer diameter of the steel ball of the bearing. We will continue to innovate for new applications and elements.


We provide great cost advantage with the know-how of rotary shaft processing that has been studied through spindle manufacturing.
We have a track record of achieving both cost reduction and quality improvement of 30% for machine tool parts. We have a wide network of cooperating factories from material procurement to heat treatment and surface treatment. If you leave it to us, we will carry out integrated production of parts processing, which used to take time and effort to communicate with multiple business partners.

We have many achievements not only in shaft processing but also in square processing and sheet metal parts. We will sincerely consider all processing details.
It doesn’t matter what the request method is, such as drawings, actual products, usage and size.
We will flexibly respond to requests for materials such as resin and rubber, as well as surface treatment requests, for increasing strength and resistance to rust.